Our Story

The love of Curling has officially arrived in Bakersfield. Thanks to the Hollywood Curling Club Learn to Curl Pop Up and the exciting Olympics Curling Wins!

We have a great crew getting this ball rolling fast and we are in the beginning stages of the club and who knew there was so much involved!?

BUT thanks to a great crew we have got this ball rolling and with the help of all involved things are happening!!!  A Special Thanks to Susan Wells , Andrew Fitch , Suzanne & Craig Zubris , Kevin Bartl , Julie Patterson, Steph & Alan Larson,and Matt Gamboa for the amazing insight help and work to get this club going!

We know that Bakersfield will embrace Curling and it will be here to stay! We hope you will be a part of it!

Meet the Board

Once the board is officially voted for and announced you will be able to meet them here!

Stay Tuned!


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